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Helmet Use Policy - Information for Clubs, Coaches and Parents


Preamble The mandatory wearing of a Canadian Standard Association (CSA) approved protective helmets for ice sports by all participants, for their protection and safety during ice skating activities at Cabot Stadium, is an important initiative for all User Groups, including school skating, public skating and the public at large.

Policy Statement This policy was implemented by Cabot Stadium for the safety and well being of all users while participating in ice skating activities at Cabot Stadium.

Policy All participants during ice related activities at Cabot Stadium shall wear a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved protective helmet for ice sports.

The following are acceptable: Hockey Helmets, Ski Helmet, Snowboarding Helmet, and Ice Halos.

Exception Figure skaters who are registered with Skate Canada and after successfully completing the Can Skate program as well as figure skating competitors during sanctioned competitions are exempt from wearing a protective helmet during these activities as standard practice in the sport which is supported by Skate Canada, Skate NL and the CBNSC Figure Skating Club at the Bay Arena. All other events i.e. school skating, birthday parties, and general skaters must wear an CSA approved helmet.

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